Paravur Lake- Spillway Shutter Closure

Paravur Lake one of the 3 lakes in Kollam District has been left to die for years by the district administration, to cover up the corrupt deeds of Major Irrigation Department. The estuary records have been altered clandestinely and the land is in illegal possession through a huge political nexus in connivance with officials of Major Irrigation Department. [ read more ]

Kazhikuzhi Ela Wetlands

HELP Foundations Wetland Conservation interventions has moved beyond Paravur Lake & Umayanallor Ela into Kazhikuzhi Ela paddy fields of late, and we have been chipping quietly at it to take on the well entrenched politicians who are your elected ones as well.This unthinkable, sacred act of restarting paddy cultivation unnerved the Kollam Corporation based politicians who were working covertly to convert Kazhikuzhi Ela for real estate purposes[ read more ]

Cancer Detection Camp and Awareness Session

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Together with Regional Cancer Center, TVM and Cancer Care Centre Kollam Cancer we conducted an Awareness Session by RCC was held on 15th October and it was followed up with a Cancer Screening Camp by RCC on 23rd October with support by the CHC Mayyanad[ read more ]

Draining out Pollachira Ela for
Paddy farming during drought season

Pollachira Ela Wetlands is closely connected to Paravur Lake and moreover it’s a 600 hectare wetland located near Paravur Municipality in Kollam District of Kerala, India. Pollachira Ela folks recently visited HELP Foundations office seeking HELP Foundations support against Chirakkara Panchayat [ read more ]

Sinking Munroe Island and the
Damming of Kallada River

Munroe Island is sinking, but what is the real reason. All reports and the public are divided in their opinion on the reasons for the current situation. While some attribute it to the tsunami in 2004, some others think it is largely man-made effects. Some Environmental activists attached to KSSP hold global warming responsible.[ read more ]