DAYA and HELP-CAN: Reaching out to needy patients

In ancient times, the ‘scientists’ in our country devised ways of healthy living through Ayurveda and Yoga, in which our bodies were considered the microcosm of the universe. All that you see in the universe is inside your body, any part in the universe that is affected, the corresponding part in your body is also affected. The five basic elements or the pancha bhoota[ read more ]

Mangrove: Good news

Some wonderful results from our work in another stretch of Paravur Lake. Tons and tons of meticulous research have gone into these stupendous results with zero support from the state. Much more has to be done to save Paravur lake than planting mangroves. Together with Paravur Lake and Ithikkara River Protection Council (PIC) and the Boomitrasena club members of Mayyanad High School [ read more ]

Energy Conservation: The drama of saving energy

Street plays might seem very 1970s, but it remains an effective medium to connect with the public. HELP Foundation, in association with EMC Kerala, conducted energy conservation rallies and street plays in Kollam and Eravipuram around the themes of household devices and energy savings, and the need to move towards renewables [ read more ]

Pollachira Ela: The politics of precious water

At the height of summer, all that people can talk about how they are struggling for daily water needs, but people’s needs are of little concern to our elected representatives. Pollachira Ela Wetlands is closely connected to Paravur Lake; it is a 600 hectare wetland located near the Paravur Municipality in Kollam district [ read more ]

Kappil Lake:Illegal construction in the lake bed by Tourism Department

Help Foundation is undertaking another battle with regards to the illegal construction at Kappil Estuary only to find as usual, that our government officials and leaders from the bottom to the top are lame and hypocritical[ read more ]

Sasthamkotta Lake:Tears for a once-large lake

To rephrase former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, our public plan implementations are a mockery wrapped in sham, inside a farce. Sasthamkotta Lake, the state’s largest freshwater lake and one of the 26 Ramsar sites in the country, in Kollam district is a wasteland today.

A Ramsar site is UN-speak for an internationally designated wetland site that should be conserved and sustainably developed and used. The deterioration that the lake has faced is the opposite of what should happen at a Ramsar site and the issue has been raised continually by local people and environmental groups.[ read more ]