HELP Foundations - Cancer Support Program (HELP-CAN)



Cancer Care is costly. It can take a toll on your health, your emotions, your time, your relationships – and your wallet. There will be unexpected charges, and even the best health insurance won’t cover all your costs.  Some people simply give up and die. Some extremely generous people have established trusts where they provide support for people who really need this. 
The surging incidence of the disease and rising treatment costs make it imperative to secure one's finances.

There are few things more alarming than battling cancer. One is not having the money for its treatment. In the past 10 years, these costs have risen significantly. "The costs have gone up due to more expensive infrastructure, new technology-based investigation costs and newer drugs. A skewed doctor-to-patient ratio (one for 2,000 patients) worsens the situation.
The scenario not only calls for ways to prevent the disease but also adequate financial security to tackle treatment costs. Since cancer care is long-term in nature, it translates into a recurring expenditure. This has a huge financial implication for the family.


Major Drawback with Cancer Care in India


Cancer is often considered a disease of developed nations. In developing countries such as India, the focus has been on curbing communicable diseases. However, with the neglect of non-communicable diseases and a rapidly ageing population there has been an unhindered increase in cancer incidence and mortality. Cancer is the second leading cause of death and disability around the globe.
More people now die of cancer than from all cases of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria put together. More than half of new cancer patients and two-thirds of cancer-related deaths now occur in developing countries. In India, over 8 lakh new cancers occur every year and 3 lakh patients die of cancer. At any given time, we have an estimated 24 lakh cancer patients, who requires facilities for diagnosis, treatment and follow up. This number is expected to double by 2030. Our country is ill prepared to counter this alarming increase in cancer burden.
Cancer is not only a rising national burden, but also a personal catastrophe. The median age of cancer incidence being 50 years, it affects an individual at the peak of his or her productive age, when the entire family is dependent on the individual. The mounting cost of cancer care can drive most family to the brink of bankruptcy.


Cancer Support Program Project Details

    • To render physical, financial, and moral support to Cancer patients.
    • Support patients who need assistance for travel to RCC and lodging needs while under treatment in RCC
    • Conduct “Cancer Awareness” and enable early Detection/Screening Programs for Cancer.
    • Creation of patient’s registry.
    • Jan Oushadi stores tie-ups to obtain discounts on drug purchase.


    Contact Details

    Contact Person    :   Jiji Mathews
    Contact details     :   +91 999 505 3390, +91474-2556414,
    Email                   :,
    Address               :   Kayavil House, Kayavil Jn, Mayyanad P.O, Kollam-691303


    Bank Account Details for Assistance

    Name of Bank : Indian Bank
    Name of Account Holder: HELP Foundation
    Bank Account No: 6117511488
    Type of Account: SB
    IFS Code:  IDIB000M024
    Branch: Mayyanad
    District : Kollam
    State : Kerala ,
    Kollam, Kerala, Pin-691303


    PAN Number: AAATH9258B


    Cancer Care Interventions to date


    October 15th: Organized a Seminar together with Regional Cancer Center, TVM and Cancer Care Centre Kollam.

    October 23rd: Cancer Screening and Detection Camp in liue of Breast Cancer Awarness Month



    The overwhelming response from the public to the Cancer Screening Camp and SEMINAR, has added the responsibilities of HELP FOUNDATION.Based on the feedback the following programs are being put in place.

    1. Creating a team of dedicated Women volunteers, possibly through another NGO who has such a structure in place
    2. Future programmes with respect to Cancer will be led with the help of cancer survivors, so as to drive home the message “that cancer patients are not outcastes, but can lead normal life”
    3. Alternative forms of THERAPY like Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Nature therapy etc after completing preliminary treatment, which could be cost effective to be promoted through a panel of physicians from different disciplines.
    4. Creating awareness about special INSURANCE plans from RCC or such special insurances which can come in handy.
    5. Facilitation of APL to BPL Conversion in the event of being detected with Cancer.
    6. Palliative Care