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Seminar on Child Rights and Protection together with Juvenile Justice Board and Mayyanad Panchayat- May 16th 2013

Liasoning work for the Formation of IPCS Commitee(Village Level Child Protection Committee) in Mayyanad Panchayat with Govt Depts(who dont want to work) and the Panchayat.- Since May 17th 2013 to 28th JAN 2014

HELP Foundation assists Mayyanad Panchayat, Mukhathalla Block Panchayat Officials in helping Mayyanad Panchayat become a Child Friendly Panchayat by creating the First ICPS Committee (Village Level Child Protection Committee) in Kerala. Guess what the JJ Act was passed in 2007, still the state is sleeping. Well anyway the first ICPS Committe of Kollam District and in all probablity the first in KERALA formed at Mayyanad Panchayat under HELP Foundations guidance and leadership on 21st Feb-2014

Child Survey Process Initiated in Mayyanad Panchayat incorporating Anganwadi and Asha Workers so as to find Children in 'difficult circumstances’, characterized by their specific social, economic and other various situations -24th Feb-2014

Social Welfare Dept has sanctioned and allocated funds for Mayyanad Grampanchayat to set up a Children Home for Girl Child, which is a positive culmination of the initiative HELP Foundation kick started. This decision was conveyed by Abeen (District Probationary Officer)  on behalf of the district administration to the committee. -29th May-2014

HELP Foundation hosted a Preparatory Workshop/Seminar together with Mayyanad Panchayat as a prelude to conducting a Survey in all Schools of Mayyanad Panchayat. This survey (The Rights of the Child) is to be conducted for the very first time among adolescents in Mayyanad Panchayat, to determine how much young people  know about the Rights of the Child, the extent to which these rights are protected, and which actions should be taken as a priority to improve them. -07th June-2014

Child Survey Process Completed in Mayyanad Panchayat incorporating Anganwadi and Asha Workers so as to visit every home. Additionally Panchayat President, Social Welfare Chairman and other ward members visited all the schools along with HELP Foundation towards completion of the survey- 21st October-2014

Met with the Principal Secretary(SJD, TVM) also took along the Panchayat team both elected and government officials towards the realisation of the Shelter for the Girl Child. Additionally met with the ICPS Director as well- 07th November-2014

Setup a special purpose office in Mayyanad panchayat for issues related to Children. This office was inagurated by the local MLA A.A.Aziz in a grand function- 14th November-2014

HELP Foundations signs agreement with Mayyanad Panchayat  on the Joint Project proposal for the Girl Child Home- 3rd December-2014

HMC/HGC (Home Governing Council) composition approved as per the joined project document starts to take shape- 3rd June-2014

The prosposed buidling for the home was inspected jointly by Shri Subair ICPS Officer Kollam and CWC Chairman Shri Antony and the ICDS Supervisor Smt Neena- 12th June-2015

Rental agreement sealed with the landloard and Mayyanad panchayat for setting up the home for the Girl Child via PWD rules and procudures. This buidling was inspected jointly by Shri Subair ICPS Officer Kollam and JJB Chairman Shri Antony and the ICDS Supervisor Smt Neena- 29th June-2015

Registration procedures mostly approved and file is at the Minsiters desk (Approvals prior to it from District SJD Office, ICPS Directorate, Additional - 29th July-2015

Registration process complete and fit institution certificate awarded to the Panchayat- 09th Aug-2015

Staff Hiring process for the home initiated and interview slotted for the 5th of September - 19th Aug-2015

Staff Hiring process completed and Introductory trainging conducted on - 16th Sep-2015

Girl Child Home inagurated by the Chief Minister of Kerala at a plush ceremony on - 18th Sep-2015

Framework protocol perfected for this unique NGO-Panchayat Partnership, for being adopted by other Panchayats within the state. This has been approved by the VLCPC (ICPS Committee) of Mayyanad Panchayat- Oct 19th 2015

Framework protocol document(Reference Document II-Home Governance Architecture Document) approved by VLCPC send to Mayyanad Panchayat Secretary -Oct 20th 2015

Appointment Letter approved by DCPO- Oct 27th 2015

Framework protocol perfected for this unique NGO-Panchayat Partnership, send to Block Panchayat Mukhathala-CDPOs Office at the request of ICDS Supervisor-Oct 19th 2015

DCPO suggests to start creating a governing rules framework for HGC, so as to possible move towards registring the Governing Council- Oct 23th 2015

Panchayat Secretary/ICDS Supervisor refuses to sign the appointment letter-Nov 4th 2015

DCPO asks to register the HGC as a society for signing the MOU as the Panchayat Secretary as well as the Project Implementing Officer is unwilling to sign on to any document for the function of the home-Nov 6th 2015

Mayyanad Panchayats new members takes oath of office- Nov 12th 2015

Byelaw send to DCPO prior to registration - Dec 7th 2015

Byelaw discussed and approved in HGC in the presence of CWC Chairman (Antony),DCPO(Subair) & Panchayats implementing Officer (Neena)-Dec 9th 2015

Byelaw handed over to Scribes Office-Dec 10th 2015

Byelaw copy shared with Director SJD , Registration Process Submission Completed on-Dec 18th 2015     

Registration for Snehatheeram HGC Recieved on 13th  January, confirmation send to Panchayat-Jan 14th 2016

Panchayat President decides to run the home in a meeting attended by DCPO & CWC Chairman-Jan 28th 2016

Home staff writes to the Panchayat as food and othe needs are not met and its is short supply-Feb 14th 2016

Panchayat member Saritha holds a one man commssion sitting at the home -Jan 14th 2016