HELP Foundations River Watch launched in Ithikkara River

HELP Foundation mission is to promote healthy wetland ecosystems through a partnership-based, people-focused, policy-relevant and investment-orien­tated approach, which builds and applies knowledge, empowers communities and other stakeholders, enhances govern­ance, secures livelihoods, and increases resilience to natural hazards and climate change. By involving the student community we have been working towards protecing, conserving and restoring the entire stretch of Paravur Lake by extending our mangrove Afforestation program throughout the lake. The program has been going on for the past 3 years around stretches of Paravur Lake together with Mayyanad Panchayat and local schools.

Now we are planning to stretch the proven concept “HELP Foundation River Watch” through the entire stretch of Ithikkara River as a wetland protection monitoring initiative. We intend to accomplish this mission through the following goals:

• Educate citizens on watersheds and the relationship between land use and water quality.
• Train citizens on the wetland protection.
• Conduct regular monitoring trips to report pollution, encroachments, destruction of riparian vegetation etc
• Encourage Villagers, Next Generation Citizens and Local Bodies to work together to strengthen the water assets of the Village.
• Train citizens on the basic principles of water quality monitoring.
• Promote opportunities for involvement in water quality issues.
• Provide water quality information to individuals or groups working to protect water resources.
• Support volunteer efforts through technical assistance, monitoring equipment, networking Opportunities, and educational materials.

Both HELP Foundation and WWF – India are joining hands to involve the student community and the Local Administration through Paravur Lake and Ithikkara River Protection Council. The council will act as permanent working platform with paid office bearers to coordinate needs and provide support through the respective local bodies (Panchayats) as and when needed and on a regular basis.


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