In line with our campaign to „Save the Earth’ and make the society think of its own future and to spread the message, HELP Foundation Sig-nature Program “Green Messenger” was launched on November 2012. To anoint a student as a Green Messenger from the school eco-club we have started a Lecture Series comprising of 10 sessions. Each session of an hour and half is being handled by HELP Foundation personnel. More schools have joined to be part of the program in Kollam district.
This was launched at Mayyanad High School and is ably assisted by Shri Manoj who is in charge of the eco club. The lecture series consists of the below mentioned topics. The re-searchers attached with HELP Foundation have conceived it in such a way that all tools and utilities needed to help sustain high interest levels and participation from among the student community is incorporated in the lecture.
It’s our firm belief that Appreciation and concern for the environment are values that need to be inculcated during the early years of development. And thus children and youth becomes an integral and key towards pre-serving our ecology and leading the drive towards sustainable development. This lecture series further aims to inculcate among children a general awareness on the problems of environmental degradation and a sense of respect and responsibility towards the environment and make them aware of the need for moving to a low carbon lifestyle thereby contributing towards combating climate change.

    Moreover this lecture series as a prelude to appointing a student as Green Messenger is designed to enhance awareness, inspire behavioral changes for combating environmental damage, and develop the skills needed to resolve environmental problems. The topics covered as part of the lecture series are as below.
    1. Man and Nature
    2. Destruction of Nature due to modern civilization
    3. Water
    4. Air
    5. Soil
    6. Biodiversity
    7. Climatic Change
    8. Natures Groves and the importance of it in temple culture
    9. Environment Summits and Protocols
    10. Green Messenger Charter and Launch