Santhwanan Project

HELP Foundation launched  its Community Based Integrated Family Health Care Programme named “Santhwanam” together with Ashtamudi Hospital and a host of other organizations like Janasakthi & Elders Forum. This is an integrated programme combines Home Medical Service (HMS) along with a Family Doctor concept and an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) which includes an Ambulance Service with a trained paramedical crew. It is a broad concept envisaged as a joint effort of multiple players with different capacity. It is envisaged as an on call Ambulance service for emergencies/ casualties at Golden Hour in which most deceases are happening. A member’s family will get the assistance of a fleet of Ambulance service for emergency or for a careful Hospital Pick up, a team of trained Paramedical staff for Home Medical Service and a Family Doc-tor for taking care of the family Health.


Below are the various components of the project:

Ambulance Service/ Emergency Medical Service (EMS): This is an ambulance service on emergency/disease at door step to pick up the enrolled patient to the Hospital.

 Home Medical Service (HMS): is a service offered to our members who need medical/nursing assistance at home after discharge from Hospital or for any ailments which does not require Doctor’s consultation.

 Family Medicine/ Doctor: This is an exclusive service offered to the members. This scheme offers a family health care monitoring service to member families and records will be maintained by the Family Medicine Department and the Database management Department.
Call Center: This is the nerve center of all the above ser-vices and will be the point of contact. No consultancy ser-vice over phone will be given but general guidance may be given on emergencies like cardiac problems, accidents, burns etc.


DAYA- HELP Foundation's Dialysis Assistance Programme

Dialysis assistance is one among the initial programmes of HELP Foundation. Almost 2.5 lakh people die of kidney failure in India every year. It is the third largest killer after malignancy and heart disease. Millions suffer from some form of kidney disease and many of them, particularly in India cannot afford treatment or care. HELP Foundation provides monetary assistance to the underprivileged, who suffer kidney problems of any kind, reversible or terminal, regardless of caste, creed, gender or religion. Western medicine normally recommends dialysis, by which the function of a kidney is restored through the use of blood filter artificially. The other option is renal transplant. Both are very expensive, and can be financially crippling for a family if the bread winner is affected.
The HELP Foundation initiative into this area aims to ensure that no kidney patient will suffer because of the lack of funds for dialysis, and also to prevent kidney failure due to diabetes and other complications. What is particularly distressing is the amount of requests that come to us and the youngsters who have promising lives ahead, but are unable to foot the cost of dialysis. Often these people bear the pain and perform dialysis only once in a fortnight, thereby putting their life in further jeopardy. This is where HELP Foundation steps in with support.

DAYA Report

Dialysis Reports on a Monthly basis can be seen below. These reports give the count and other details of the support we have been providing to the needy patients.

March-2015 Dialysis Report


February-2015 Dialysis Report


January-2015 Dialysis Report


December-2014 Dialysis Report


November-2014 Dialysis Report


October-2014 Dialysis Report


september-2014 Dialysis Report


August-2014 Dialysis Report


July-2014 Dialysis Report


June-2014 Dialysis Report


May-2014 Dialysis Report


April-2014 Dialysis Report


March-2014 Dialysis Report


February-2014 Dialysis Report


January-2014 Dialysis Report


December-2013 Dialysis Report


November-2013 Dialysis Report


October-2013 Dialysis Report


September-2013 Dialysis Report


August-2013 Dialysis Report


July-2013 Dialysis Report


June-2013 Dialysis Report


May-2013 Dialysis Report


April-2013 Dialysis Report


March-2013 Dialysis Report


February-2013 Dialysis Report


January-2013 Dialysis Report


December-2012 Dialysis Report


November-2012 Dialysis Report


October-2012 Dialysis Report


September-2012 Dialysis Report


August-2012 Dialysis Report


July-2012 Dialysis Report


June-2012 Dialysis Report


May-2012 Dialysis Report


April-2012 Dialysis Report


March-2012 Dialysis Report