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Case Study:Paravur Lake


Paper Presentation: On Rural e-Marketing & Food Security@ Government Arts College Trivandrum


Paper Presentation: On Woman Entreprenuership and Institutional Linkage@ Government Arts College Trivandrum


Tsunami Housing and Rehablitation in Kollam- A investigagtive Report by HELP



Symposium on Ecosystem Restoration of Paravur Lake & Ithikkara River-Conducted

by HELP Foundation


Special report on Mangrove Afforestaton Program around Paravur Lake,

Published by HELP Foundation


River Watch Committee in Chathanoor Panchayat- Created for Ithikkara River by

HELP Foundation


Study Report on Ithikkara River Catchment Area- Report Published by

HELP Foundation

Study Report on Umayanalloor Ela- Report Published by HELP Foundation



Dialyasis Newsletter II: Project DAYA (Dialysis Assistance)


Dialyasis Newsletter I: Project DAYA (Dialysis Assistance)


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