HELP Foundations Social Science & Environment Research Forum‟ is a diverse group of researchers from various streams of knowledge both from academics and industry as well as subject matter experts from multiple disciplines. The Journal is defined not by its work on any one topic, nor by any one specific disciplinary combination, nor will it ever represent all of Social Science & Environment. Rather, our distinctive niche is to innovate and incubate, to identify emergent lines of research that will be enhanced by interdisciplinary ties, and to help scattered researchers  achieve  critical  mass  in  the  creation  of self-sustaining  new fields.

Several concurrent crises have unfolded during the last decade: climate, biodiversity, fuel, food, water, human suffering, livelihood of marginalized communities and more recently in the global financial system. During the last two decades, much capital and technology was poured into property, fossil fuels and structured financial assets with embedded derivatives. However, relatively little in comparison was invested in renewable energy, energy efficiency, public transportation, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem and biodiversity protection, rural solutions, land and water conservation. By depleting the world’s stock of natural wealth – often irreversibly – this pattern of development and growth have had detrimental impacts on the wellbeing of current generations and presents tremendous risks and challenges for the future generations.

As we transition to a green economy the challenge is to enable economic growth and investment while increasing environmental quality and social inclusiveness. There needs to be  increased   awareness,  sustainable  policies,  interventions,  real-time applications &solutions to substantially address social marginalization, environmental degradation, social consequences of GDP led development, human displacement and resource depletion. This can be achieved only through  proper issue identification, providing solutions through application of the appropriate technology and indige nous knowhow. We believe this Journal would go a long way towards addressing the above with participation from researchers, academics, policy planners, statesmen & industry together. One of our very important objectives which we seek to fulfill is advancing Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary studies on Social Sciences & Environment so as to be able to provide real solutions to the multitude of issues we face.

The journal-Sustain is aimed to provide a platform for taking up relevant topics, research assistance and publishing research works and Journals with an international standard. The objects or purposes of the Forum which publishes the journal are as follows:


  1. To undertake research and development projects in Social Science and Environment by the Forum constituted herewith.
  2. To indicate areas in which social science research is to be promoted and adopt special measures for development of research in neglected or new areas.
  3. To form the necessary chapters, workgroups, subject associations, research forums and Chairs for the functioning and expansion of the Research Forum.
  4. To co-ordinate research activities and encourage programmes for interdisciplinary research.
  5. To organize, sponsor and finance seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums  and study groups.
  6. To undertake publication and assist publication of journals, compilations and books in social sciences and environment.
  7. To undertake extension activities in social science and environment for sustainable development.
  8. To associate with State, National, International agencies (both government and non government) for the accomplishment of common goals.
  9. To undertake research and development projects sponsored by industries/establishments in the public/private sector and others and in consonance with social causes.
  10. To conduct research and development directed towards continuous improvement of indigenous technology and adaptation and development of imported technology.
  11. To conduct research and development of new technologies relevant to the country’s social, economic and industrial needs in keeping with the national objective of self-reliance.
  12. To promote research and development on appropriate and alternate technologies, with emphasis on the use of local resources for providing rural solutions.
  13. To support and promote the purposes, principles and programmes of the Human Empowerment & Livelihood Promotion Foundation.
  14. To engage in research on social science, economic and entrepreneurial activities aimed at improving the conditions and general welfare of the society, particularly rural and coastal dwellers, farmers and other working people as well as poor and intelligent persons of whatever occupation without respect of race, community, caste or creed.
  15. To maintain national physical standards and an extensive library for standard reference materials; and technical advisory services like information, extension, consultancy and testing.
  16. To promote or develop and assist special institutions or departments of existing institutions for scientific study of problems affecting particular sections of the society and industries.
  17. To establish and award research fellowship and financing of specific research programmes.
  18. To utilize of the results of the researches conducted under the auspices of the Forum towards the socio-economic & environmental development of vulnerable communities and industries in the country.
  19. Payment of a slice of royalties arising out of the development of the results of researches to those who are considered as having contributed towards the pursuit of such researches.
  20. To establish, maintain and manage laboratories, workshops, institutes, museums including mobile museums and organizations to further augment scientific and applied research.
  21. To promote the collection and dissemination of information in regard not only to research and development but to the society in general.
  22. To enter into arrangements with foreign Researchers, Publication agencies and institutions for exchange of Research Scholars, scientists, study tours, study material and training in specialized areas of Social Science and Environment, in addition to conduction of joint projects, providing technical assistance and  establishment of scientific institutions or other matters consistent with the aims and objectives of the Forum.



Editorial Board 
Scarcity of good Journals for publishing research work as well the new UGC mandated guidelines for teaching staff would assist us in finding a space as well as lead HELP Foundation towards sustainable development projects along with the researcher together.This is currently being created by including both academic and industry people so as to be able to take the soloutions to an application level i:e from theory to practice or from lab to field.

Contact Details
Name of the Organization: HELP Foundation
Contact Person: Dr Gracious James
Contact details: 0474-2556414 Email:
Correspondence Address: Umayanallor P.O, Kollam-691589


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