Seminars Conducted To-date

  1. Hosted an Energy Conservation Seminar and Free CFL Distribution jointly with WWF-India. The program was hosted with support of Mayyanad Gramapanchayat, Energy Management Centre & KSEB. Five Selected BPL families from every ward of Mayyanad Panchayat participated in the session.
  2. Preparatory Workshop/Seminar together with Mayyanad Panchayat as a prelude to Child Rights Survey in Mayyanad Panchayat together with Education Department, Social Justice Department and Juvenile Justice Board.
  3. Awareness & Education Session on Homeopathic management in Kidney Disease together with YMCA Kollam.
  4. Symbosium on Paravur Lake and Ithikkara River together with Paravur Lake and Ithikkara Protection Council.
  5. Seminar on Child Rights and Protection together with Juvenile Justice Board and Mayyanad Panchayat.
  6. Students Farmer Meet together with Mayyanad High School, Kollam and Umyanallor Ela Padasekhara Samithi.
  7. Workshop on Water Conservation together with WWF, Kerala.